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midwestern dental Comments

boober74 says: (5 years ago)
the shots i got at midwest dental hurt so much worst than any ive gotten at any other dentist. just terrible pain just from the shot. it took them two months after i had work done to contact my insurance to find out what they covered when it took a different dentist 5 minutes yesterday to do the same. gave me an estimate of $269 then charged $451. same work cost $118 at dr kitson in reedsburg,wi. do not go to midwest dental. ive lived in several states and went to 10 different dentist in my life and midwest dental was the worst by far in everyway. DO NOT GO TO MIDWEST DENTAL UNLESS U LIKE PAIN IN UR MOUTH AND POCKETBOOK

biachech says: (8 years ago)
I have been going to Midwestern Dental Center (Sterling Heights) my entire life; i.e. at least every 6-months sometimes more frequently because my teeth are very important to me. I do like the doctors and staff there; however I am beyond disappointed in news that has recently been brought to my attention.

In my mid-20s a specialist I had never met before was brought in to review a tooth I needed removed and he told me I had bruxism (teeth grinding when sleeping).

I was shocked that I had never been told this before, since I had been patronizing this same facility for years. God only knows how long I had been grinding my teeth and doing irreparable damage and not alerted to this fact.

A year or so later, my sister traveled abroad and had her teeth looked at by a family member of the friend she was traveling with. He also told her she had bruxism, this was also something that was never brought to her attention at Midwestern Dental. In addition, he said her fillings were not done properly and re-did them all for her free-of-charge. He also created her a professional bite guard to defend her teeth against further damage.

Anyway both of these events, combined with terrible service my brother experienced when he chipped his front tooth (the doctor at the time jammed on a false tooth in a space that did not fit, therefore the entire painful service had to be redone and he was only about 10 at the time). I have decided to change dentists and find one that will put the needs of my teeth first.

AstonishedinOshkosh says: (8 years ago)
On Dec. 5, 2009 I had a bridge replaced by a Midwest Dental site located at 1050 South Koeller Street, Oshkosh - (920) 235-3023. A year and three days later, I noticed the edge of the bridge had a chip in it. As I paid nearly $4,000 out of pocket to have this bridge made, I called the same Midwest Dental site to ask that it be cosmetically repaired at no charge. They said because I had not been there since March of 2010, nine months ago, they were not going to touch it up for free. I am incredulous over the shoddy bridgework that was done a year ago (and is now chipping) and for the way Midwest Dental blew me off when I gave them the opportunity to provide follow through on a job they did just one year ago. They said, in essence, too bad sucker. We haven't seen you since March of 2010 and you are on your own. Their website says their bridgework should last nine years at a minimum. I am contacting a lawyer. Anyone who thinks Midwest Dental cares one iota about their oral health or believes they will stand behind their work is in for a big surprise. Go the extra mile to go somewhere else for their dental care.

lilliasop says: (9 years ago)
Yes. I am amazed they still have patients. I used to go there, but I lots all confidence in their organization. Most of the dentists when I started going there just a few years ago are gone. Removed a tooth, had serious problems with it after. Needed to go to another dentist. I called and asked about it and they said they would look at it...waited three hours and they looked at and said it was fine. $$$ But another dentist said it looked horrible. I will not go back to Midwestern.

ScamArtists2 says: (10 years ago)
POOR SERVICE. Refused to finish root canal. Won't return calls. Had to file complaint with attorney general & BBB. Office manager in Lansing told me "I don't care" when I informed her they didn't complete the work.

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